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Hi Glitzies and Hauties, Glitzy Swan is a new portion of our Haute Swan LLC business group that focuses primarily on Fashion Jewelry, Semi-Precious Fashion Jewelry and Accessories. We will also carry Handbags, Scarves, Swimwear and lots more! We will add Fashion Clothing to our selections as we find the styles we want to procure for you. We are almost done getting initial setups done on our store. Please be patient as we finish up some final work. We are importing amazing products for your every fashion pleasure! Glitzy Swan is hoping to open for our Grand Opening by April or May depending on the current health conditions. We will let you know more as soon as we know anything. We are getting our new products entered and you can see them at our Facebook page or on Instagram. We are sorry for the delay, but we are preparing for when things get back to normal so we can host our Grand Opening Sale! Be patient it's just a little longer! Click the Subscribe button to save on future purchases! Love, Kimberly Glitzy Swan

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